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MCS Registration and Tuition Policy Spring 2018

  1. Registration
    • User. A family should register as one user. The user must agree to Code of Conduct for Parents and Students before he/she registers for the semester.
    • Registration fee. The registration fee is waived if a user registers for the semester by the early registration deadline, and $10 if after the early registration deadline. Registration fee is non-refundable.
    • The early registration deadline for Spring 2018 is 11:59 PM, Friday, January 12, 2018.
    • The parents should print out and present the registration information sheet to make payment.
  2. Tuition. If a student enrolls in the middle of the semester, he/she needs to pay full tuition if he/she enrolls before the 8th Chinese class or the 7th elective class. After that, he/she pays 50% of the full tuition.
  3. Payment. Balance due to the school has to be paid in full before a student can attend any class.
  4. Refund.
    • For regular 12 to 15 session classes, students can get full refund after the first session, 75% after the 2nd session, 50% after the 3rd session and no refund after the 4th session.
    • For classes with fewer sessions, only 1 free trial and 50% for the second trial.
  5. Class changes. The parent needs to notify the school admin before Wednesday following the trial class. Changing classes is considered dropping one class and adding another one. Changing from one Chinese class to another Chinese class is not considered class change.